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Promote your brand or project on the largest network of 3D virtual billboards located throughout the Metaverse in just a matter of minutes. This is the future of Web 3.0 marketing.

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Global Reach

Our large network of virtual 3D billboards are similar to advertising in your local mall or roadside, but instead, your message gets displayed to a worldwide audience.

Instant Kudos

Previous clients have reported that simply having their brand seen in the Metaverse and sharing images on social media has resulted in a spike in interest, investors & community members.


Daily Reporting

Each campaign gets access to its own unique reporting dashboard so you can follow progress. Updated daily, the report includes number of views, user geolocation + more.



Getting your ads live couldn’t be easier! Either checkout in Crypto (ETH) using our automated online booking system, or connect with our team who will assist you with checking out using fiat.

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Daily Updates

Analytics & Reporting

Every ad campaign in Decentraland comes complete with a bespoke reporting dashboard. Every 24 hours it updates your campaign views, most visited locations, as well as the geolocation and language of each viewer.

Great Value


Highly competitive pricing to accommodate all serious projects and campaign sizes. We are the largest billboard ad network in Decentraland and the only company to develop a fully automated booking system.

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Quick & Easy - Start Your Metaverse Ad Campaign

How to Book

If you have read our FAQ section (click here), and you’re ready to start advertising your brand in the Metaverse, then booking an ad campaign with us couldn’t be easier. To start your campaign in Decentraland, which is the virtual world we currently specialize in, either check out using our automated online booking system (crypto only) which is the quickest and easiest solution if you already have a Web3 wallet (e.g MetaMask), or contact our team who will help answer any questions and assist you during the process.

Book With Crypto Online

Get your ad live in just minutes with our easy automated booking system. Simply connect your wallet then follow the step-by-step process by uploading your billboard design, and making payment in ETH.

Assisted Booking

If you need assistance creating a billboard design, or would like to pay in either fiat currency ($ or £) or stablecoins (USDC), then our team are on hand to help you through this process.

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Frequent Questions

This is a one-of-a-kind, revolutionary new approach to Metaverse advertising, so you’re bound to have some questions. The below section mainly covers questions related to our new automated booking system (currently in beta), and is therefore only applicable to booking ads in Decentraland.


What is this?

This is the world’s first automated booking system for placing your own billboard ads in the Metaverse. These exciting 3D billboards offer an alternative and futuristic advertising service to forward thinking brands by straddling both traditional online media (website banners) and traditional DOOH services (shopping mall/roadside billboards IRL). We are currently running the beta version for the popular virtual world, Decentraland, with plans to expand this simple and innovative booking system to other virtual worlds soon.

What is Metaverse Residents?

Metaverse Residents is owned and run by the #1 daily NFT News and media company, NFT Plazas. It is essentially the new Metaverse arm (sister brand) of the business.

Why should I advertise in the Metaverse?

This Metaverse advertising solution is the only one of its kind. It enables you to get your message out there to a highly targeted, global audience in a matter of minutes, without the need to build or code.

There has never been a better time to showcase your brand as a thought leader in what is the next evolution of the internet. 

How can I book a billboard ad campaign in Decentraland?

To Book with Crypto:

Simply click here, connect your Metamask, WalletConnect or Coinbase wallet, upload your billboard image, select how many views you want and complete payment in ETH. It’s as simple as that.

Watch a video demo to see just how easy this process is by clicking here.

To Book with Fiat or Stablecoins:

Simply create an enquiry by clicking here and one of our team will contact you as soon as possible.


What file size and format should my billboard designs be?

We offer 2 sizes of billboard ads in Decentraland.

  1. Large – Your billboard design should be exactly 512 x 512px in size, with a file size of no more than 1MB, static jpeg or png only.
  2. Small – Your billboard design should be exactly 512 x 340px in size, with a file size of no more than 1MB, static jpeg or png only.

Does my brand/project/client need to be related to NFTs or Crypto?

No. Whilst Crypto and NFT related projects are our most frequent clients, we have already worked with many other brands in a wide range of niches such as breakfast cereals, lifestyle brands, champagne producers, gambling partners, conference promotions, record labels, fashion visionaries…the list is endless.

How many locations will my billboard be displayed in?

Your billboard will be displayed in all our active Decentraland locations. You can see our list of all our locations below.

nft plazas decentraland locations may 2021

My billboard appears multiple times on the same kiosk, will that affect view counts?

No. Even if your billboard design appears many times in the same location, this will still only be counted as 1 view.

Which industries or niches are prohibited from advertising?

Please read our full terms and conditions here for a full breakdown of our terms and conditions.

If you are still unsure after reading our T&C’s, please contact us at contact@metaverseresidents.com as no refunds will be given to any entities attempting to run a prohibited campaign.

Can I add an external link to my billboard ad?

Metaverse projects work tirelessly to attract new people to experience their virtual world, so links are very complex to implement at this time.

If linking is important to you, you can always incorporate a QR code or URL into your billboard design.

What type of data is included in the reporting?

Each ad campaign comes with a bespoke reporting dashboard which includes total view count and views by in-world location, as well as geo-location and language of each person that has viewed the ad. All reporting is automatically updated every 24 hours.

Do you offer in-depth targeting?

This is the first version of this Metaverse advertising system. As such, we don’t offer any of the luxuries one may be used to from already established platforms such as geo-targeting, age groups etc.

You must remember that it is still early days for the Metaverse and Web3, and our development will run alongside the technology available to us.

How do you count views and is there any protection against bots?

Views are only counted when your billboard ad is loaded and displayed, which is triggered by somebody visiting or passing by our kiosks.

We currently have spam bot protection in place, which aims to prevent bots refreshing the browser and constantly loading up the displays in the same location. This is something we are constantly working to improve in order to protect our ad partners.

Why isn't my billboard ad displaying?

If you have had your campaign approved, and you are in Decentraland stood next to one of our kiosks, but your billboard isn’t displaying, it is likely it is on rotation with other partners. If you refresh your browser, depending on how many partners we have at that time, your ad will likely show.

Why has there been a sudden spike in traffic on my reporting?

If you see a sudden spike in views on a particular day, it is likely that if you search on social media you will see there was an event hosted near one of our advertising kiosks. We are in premium locations after all, and this is great for exposure!

How will I know when my campaign will expire?

You will receive an automated email when the amount of views you paid for reaches 10% remaining.

Can I pause or end my campaign early?

It is not currently possible to pause any live campaigns.

If you wish to end your campaign early, then please contact us at contact@metaverseresidents.com. No refunds are given to campaigns terminated early.

Can I extend my campaign if it is about to expire?

Whilst we plan to add this feature in the future, it is not currently possible during beta.

Please note that once your existing campaign ends your reporting dashboard will stop updating and will be deleted after 7 days from our system.

To continue displaying your banner ads, simply follow the same booking process as before where you will receive a new reporting URL to follow campaign progress.

I didn't receive any emails from you...

Please check your spam folder. If you can’t find anything there within 24 hours, contact our team at contact@metaverseresidents.com.


How does this booking system work?

Our Metaverse advertising system works on a pay-per-view basis.

How much does it cost to advertise in the Metaverse?

All pricing options are listed further up this webpage.

Why are there 2 different sets of pricing?

In Decentraland, there are 2 different size of ads to choose from, small or large, which are priced differently, with small being the cheaper option.

Which currencies can I use to pay?

Currently our online booking system accepts cryptocurrency paid in Ether (Ethereum) by connecting either your MetaMask, Coinbase or WalletConnect wallet.

We are also able to accommodate your booking in:

– USDC or USDT (ERC20 only)
– Fiat currency, either $USD or £GBP 

Please contact our team at contact@metaverseresidents.com for either of these options.


Can I get an official invoice for my purchase?

We can offer invoicing to businesses who require it. We are a fully registered LTD company based in the UK.

However, payment must be paid prior to any invoices being issued. Please pay for your campaign, then email contact@metaverseresidents.com to request your invoice.

How long will it take for my purchased views to expire?

This depends entirely on how many people have viewed your billboard, which is ultimately determined by Decentraland traffic around our locations, and the number of clients we currently have active on our billboards.

After collecting data from May, June and July 2022, we are averaging around 25,000 views per month.

How long will it take for my billboard to be approved and go live?

It will take up to a maximum of 24 hours to approve a campaign, although we usually review and approve bookings a lot sooner, depending on your time zone. We thank you for your patience as we strive to continually improve our processes.

How many campaigns can I have running at once?

You can place as many orders as you like. Each successful order is set up as a new campaign, enabling you to use a different billboard design, select a different amount of views and monitor progress on a unique reporting dashboard for each campaign.

Billboards are displayed on a rotational basis. This means each individual campaign booking is given an allocated slot, and displayed on a rotational basis with other active campaigns/clients. If you want to appear on more slots, more often, then we suggest setting up multiple campaigns.

What design do I need to be able to start a Metaverse ad campaign?

You will need an image to place as your billboard (png/jpeg). Gifs are not currently permitted.

If you’re booking online, then you can upload any image to our tool and zoom/resize to ensure your image will fit nicely onto our billboards.

If you want to design and upload your own bespoke billboard design, then sizes should be exactly 512 x 512px for the large billboards, and small 512 x 340px.

If you need help with designing a billboard, then our team can help for a small fee. Please contact us.

Can I change my billboard design after ordering?

Once a billboard design has been uploaded and is live in the Metaverse, that campaign is considered active and at this stage we can no longer change the image.

The best way to launch a new billboard design is to create a new campaign by restarting the booking process.

What happens if my billboard design is rejected?

We rarely reject campaigns, but if we do, the main reason would be that your billboard is attempting to promote content from a niche which we do not support. We do this to protect the integrity of our brand, and that of our partners.

In the case of rejection, your campaign would not go live, your billboard would be deleted, and no refund would be given.

We recommend you read our terms and conditions here prior to placing an order with us.

Why do I have to submit my email to place an order?

This is so we can send you confirmation of your ad campaign going live, along with the unique reporting link assigned to each new campaign so you can monitor your campaign progress.

We may also send you promotional offers in the future, as well as keep you up to date with new opportunities and the expansion of our service throughout the Metaverse.


How can I book an ad campaign in another virtual world?

We currently take bookings for billboard ads on a request basis in Voxels and Somnium Space, however, traffic is lower than Decentraland and we don’t currently have our pay-per-view system in place yet, so these campaigns are booked on a weekly pricing structure, without any reporting option at the moment.

These ads should be booked with our team at contact@metaverseverseresidents.com or click here.

Do you offer advertising services in The Sandbox?

The Sandbox is currently in Alpha testing phase. Once it goes fully live, we will have opportunities available to place your billboards there as well.

Do you offer a reseller program?

We are currently developing a partnership program which will be available to PR clients only.

Enquiries: contact@metaverseresidents.com or click here.

Can I get a refund?

No refunds are given to approved ad campaigns as your ads will have already gone live and as such, the campaign has started and visitors will immediately begin to see your billboard message.

How can I ask a question which isn't answered in this FAQ section?

If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for, please email contact@metaverseresidents.com or click here.